The Wind and the Rain

That's alright, said the rain
I'll be the wind for an hour or two...
But after that, could you rain me again
So I can go back to my senses?

Always, said the wind
And waved its branches,
Breathing out butterflies.
Where I end, you start,
Raining like an upside down sea,
With frothy waves blending with the clouds,
And seashells layering pearls outside the sand.

I've heard, said the rain, twirling
That you can make the sea
Into solid land for horses to rest their riders,
For dirt to burst into flowers and laughter,
For children to play and run to the end of their world.

Certainly, said the wind,
And handed out a few seagulls in flight.

Then, could you make the laughter fill the air?
And the flowers bring scent to the earth?
Could you dry off yesterday's children's tears?
And be the kite at the end of their clouds?
And, oh yes, rest the horses too?

I don't know if I can, said the wind
Looking down, starting to sprinkle.

And the rain smiled
And said:
That's alright, I'll be the wind
For an hour or two...

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